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    Rock wool type 

    Product performance:

    1、Heat insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction

    Rock wool fiber is slender and flexible with low slag ball content. Therefore, the thermal conductivity is low and the thermal insulation effect is very high.

    Rock wool is an ideal sound insulation material. A large number of slender fibers form a porous structure, which determines that Xingnuo rock wool is an excellent sound absorption and noise reduction material.

    2、Hydrophobicity and moisture resistance

    The hydrophobicity of rock wool is more than 98%, and the water absorption is very low.

    The volume moisture absorption rate of rock wool is less than 0.2% under high relative humidity, and the mass moisture absorption rate is less than 1% when tested by ASTM c1104 or ASTM c1104m.

    3、Fire performance

    Natural volcanic rock is used as the raw material of rock wool, which is a non combustible building fire-proof material with fire-proof performance and can effectively prevent the spread of fire.

    4、Non corrosive

    The chemical property of rock wool is stable, pH value is 7-8, neutral or weak alkaline, and it is non corrosive to carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials.

    5、Health and environmental protection

    Asbestos, CFC, HFC / HCFC and other substances harmful to the environment are not used in the process of rock wool formation, which will not be corroded or mildew.

    6、Energy saving and emission reduction

    Because of the excellence of rock wool, it can not only achieve a good effect of energy saving and emission reduction, but also greatly improve the energy utilization rate of the whole building. Reduce building heating and air conditioning energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction.


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