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    Rock wool knowledge

    Common sense of building energy saving exterior wall external insulation


    1、 The origin of external wall thermal insulation technology

    The external wall insulation technology originated in Europe in 1940s, and was first applied in Sweden and Germany.

    2、 Main forms and materials of external wall thermal insulation

    At present, the widely used external wall thermal insulation system is mainly the thin plastering method of external insulation board. There are two kinds of thermal insulation materials: flame retardant expanded polystyrene board and non combustible rock wool board, both of which use paint as the exterior decoration layer. YT inorganic active wall thermal insulation system * * a new type of non mesh thermal insulation system, which does not need grid cloth for paint and face brick.

    3、 Current situation of external wall thermal insulation technology in China

    China's external wall thermal insulation technology started in the 1980s. In the past decade, China has gradually realized the advantages of external wall thermal insulation technology on the basis of learning and introducing foreign advanced technology. Ministry of construction since 2002

    In addition, the construction departments of all provinces have issued a large number of technical specifications and standards for external thermal insulation.

    4、 The basis of the compulsory code for exterior wall thermal insulation in China

    In order No.143 of the regulations on energy efficiency management of civil buildings, the energy efficiency of civil buildings in China is strictly regulated. The civil building energy conservation in the order of the Ministry of construction refers to the implementation of building energy conservation standards through the use of new wall materials in the process of planning, design, construction and use of civil buildings.

    5、 Relevant regulations on energy saving reconstruction of external wall insulation of existing buildings

    During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the existing residential metering and external wall energy-saving transformation of existing buildings in hot summer and cold winter areas will be more than 50 million square meters, and the energy-saving transformation of urban residential buildings with transformation value in northern heating areas will be basically completed by 2020.

    6、 The advantages of building external wall thermal insulation and energy saving transformation

    1. Protect the main structure and prolong the life of the building.

    The external thermal insulation technology is adopted, because the thermal insulation layer is placed outside the building envelope, the stress caused by the structural deformation due to the temperature change is buffered, and the corrosion of harmful gases in the air and ultraviolet rays on the envelope is reduced. Facts have proved that as long as the wall and roof insulation material selection is appropriate and the thickness is reasonable, the external insulation can effectively prevent and reduce the temperature deformation of the wall and roof, and effectively eliminate the common inclined cracks or eight character cracks. Therefore, the external wall insulation effectively improves the service life of the main structure and reduces the long-term maintenance costs.

    2. Basically eliminate the "hot bridge" effect.

    "Hot bridge" refers to the main channel of heat dissipation formed at the junction of internal and external walls, structural columns, frame beams, door and window openings, etc. For internal insulation, "hot bridge" is unavoidable, while external insulation can prevent "hot bridge"

    It can also eliminate the heat loss caused by "heat bridge".

    3. The damp condition of the wall is improved.

    In general, the internal insulation must be provided with a steam insulation layer. When the external insulation is used, because the main structural material with high steam permeability is inside the insulation layer, as long as the insulation material is properly selected, condensation will not occur inside the wall, so there is no need to set a steam insulation layer. At the same time, after taking external insulation measures, the temperature of the whole wall of the structural layer is increased, and its temperature content is reduced, so the thermal insulation performance of the wall is further improved.

    4. It is helpful to keep the room temperature stable.

    Because the structural layer with large heat storage capacity is inside the wall, when the indoor air temperature rises or falls under the effect of unstable heat, the wall structural layer can attract or release heat, so it is conducive to the stability of room temperature.

    5. It is convenient for energy saving reconstruction of old buildings.

    Compared with the internal thermal insulation, the external thermal insulation method for energy-saving transformation of the old house, the big advantage is that there is no need for temporary relocation, basically does not affect the user's indoor life and normal life.

    6. It can avoid the damage of decoration to the insulation layer.

    In decoration, the inner insulation layer is easy to be damaged, while the outer insulation layer can avoid this problem.

    7、 Inconvenient influence of external wall thermal insulation and energy saving reconstruction of existing buildings

    External thermal insulation technology is not only conducive to the sustainable development of the country, prolong the service life of buildings, but also conducive to household savings, which is the trend of the times. However, in the process of energy-saving reconstruction of existing buildings, it is bound to bring inconvenience to residents' life, such as air conditioning movement, inconvenient access during construction, construction noise, etc., but the impact is short-lived, and the comfortable living environment for the majority of residents will be lifelong.

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