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    Our company is built in cooperation with Sinoma science and Technology Nanjing glass fiber research institute, with advanced production technology and automatic assembly line production equipment. High technology content, with high quality, affordable price, high quality service has won the favor of many customers.

    Our products include different specifications and models to provide customers with high quality basalt wool at any time.


    1. Application of building energy conservation

    External wall thermal insulation system: it is used for building energy-saving and thermal insulation projects of newly built, expanded and reconstructed residential buildings and public buildings, as well as 50% and 65% target requirements of industrial building thermal insulation and existing building energy-saving and thermal insulation projects, especially for public building thermal insulation projects with high fire prevention requirements and high thermal insulation requirements.Roof insulation system: it is a roof system composed of high strength refractory rock wool board as roof insulation layer and bearing layer, combined with flexible waterproof membrane, damp proof layer and system fasteners. Usually used in factories, airports, shopping malls and gymnasiums, as well as storage facilities and other steel or concrete flat roofs. The system is suitable for all kinds of climate conditions and is a new type of roof system. It has the functions of fire prevention, energy saving, sound absorption and sound insulation.

    2. Industrial insulation application

    As a new type of thermal insulation material, rock wool is also widely used in industrial thermal insulation. Because rock wool board is semi-rigid material, it can be bent within 30 degrees. Large equipment can use rock wool insulation material, whether it is square or round, can achieve good insulation effect. Large pipes can be wrapped with rock wool for insulation, while small pipes can be made of rock wool shell. The pipe shell structure is very convenient for indoor or pipeline bending and other inconvenient construction occasions. For others, such as tee, valve, elbow, etc., rock wool can also be used to make prefabricated insulation block.

    3. Shipbuilding application

    With the development of shipbuilding industry, China's marine materials have experienced the development process from simple to complex, from low to high. As early as 1990, the main domestic shipyards basically completed the process of replacing calcium silicate board with composite rock wool board, and replacing imported composite rock wool board with domestic composite rock wool board.

    4.4. Agricultural application

    With the continuous maturity of soilless cultivation technology, the application of rock wool in the field of agriculture has been developing for more than 100 years. In foreign countries, Denmark, France, the United States, Spain, Poland and the Netherlands, there are manufacturers specializing in the production of agricultural rock wool, among which the production of Grodon in Denmark accounts for more than 60% of the global sales. With the continuous development of facility agriculture and the large-scale promotion of greenhouse facilities in China. China has also become one of the countries with rapid development of facility agriculture and large greenhouse area in the world.

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